Veronika's Panorama-Trail

Bruchegg - Tyndall - Aletschbord - Färricha - Lüsgersee

This hike starts at the top station. First you hike up to the Bruchegg station and continue to Tyndall monument. This monument was built for the glacialist and alpinist John Tyndall (1820-1893). At this view point you can enjoy a fantastic panorama of the Aletsch area. The second part of the hike leads you down to the Aletschbord with a nice view over the UNESCO world heritage Jungfrau-Aletsch. The trip goes on to the "Färricha", a kind of enclosure which helps to seperate the sheep and bring back to their owner after they came back from the alps. After that you reach the Lüsger lake a biotope for amphibians and the end of the trip.

Duration 3h

Difficulty: easy

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