Belalp – Oberaletsch Hut

From the Belalp cable car station (2094 m a.s.l.), a level road goes to the Belalp Hotel (2130 m a.s.l.). From the Aletschbord (Belalp Hotel), a steep trail leads downhill across the “Steiglen” to the alpine pastures around the Üsser Aletschi. After a longer traverse underneath the sharp cliffs of the “Bord”, you climb up over a rocky ridge (2164 m a.s.l.). Behind it, the meltwater from the glacier has carved deep into stone. The trail also wrests its way through boulders along a ravine. At the fork beyond the ravine (2228 m a.s.l.), you keep to the left and follow the marked path, that steeply rises along a moraine ridge. Above the Tälli, the path continues through the base of the Fusshorn cliffs. The panoramic trail quickly zigzags upwards and later runs towards the valley high above the Aletsch glacier. It crosses several couloirs, which are partially secured with ropes. Here, the impressive scenery with a view on the Oberaletsch Hut (2649 m a.s.l.) unfolds.
Important: endurance, sure-footedness and a head for heights are vital.

Difficulty difficult
Duration (hrs) 4:30
Highest point 2640 m a.s.l
Lenght in km 9.3
Homologated no
Starting point Belalp cable car mountain station (2094 m a.s.l.)
Destination Oberaletsch Hut (2640 m a.s.l.)
Maps 1296 Aletsch Glacier
Contact Blatten-Belalp Tourismus
Rischinustrasse 5
CH-3914 Blatten
Phone:+41(0)27 921 60 40
Fax:+41(0)27 921 60 41


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