The Natischer Mountain Round Trip

The Natischer Mountain is still being managed in a very traditional manner: here you will discover a uniquely preserved natural and cultural heritage.

After starting the trip in Brig and leaving the lovely old town centre of Naters behind, the road begins to climb: very soon you will be able to enjoy an exceptional view of the Rhone valley. The dry stone walls along the way are witness to the culture of the Natischer mountain. Between the Trämel chapel and Weiler Geimen, the landscape resembles a dry, mountainous steppe, abundant in plant species. The colorful meadows are used extensively all around Geimen. The trail leads from Geimen, across Birgisch, and back to Brig.

Difficulty medium
Duration (hrs) 4:10
Highest point 1095 m a.s.l
Lenght in km 13
Homologated no
Starting point Brig train station (670 m a.s.l.)
Destination Brig train station (670 m a.s.l.)
Maps 1289 Brig
Contact Blatten-Belalp Tourismus
Rischinustrasse 5
CH-3914 Blatten
Phone:+41(0)27 921 60 40
Fax:+41(0)27 921 60 41


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