The BLS railway or the so called "Lötschberg" is one of the most important connections to our holiday destination. There is a possibility to hike along this famous railway from Hohtenn to Naters. The last part of this hike, from Lalden to Naters was opened in 2013.

The new trail leads to the Gardemuseum and the fort. At the Gardemuseum you can learn everything about the Swiss Guard at the Vatican and it's history in Naters. The Fort is a relict of World War II. With two bridges and a beautiful view of Naters this hike is an enrichment for our guests in summer. At the church in Naters starts a beautiful walk with a lot of interesting information about the village.


Duration: Hohtenn - Naters 8h / Lalden - Naters 3h / walk around Naters 1h

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