Wichjie Mill-Bakery

Wichjie Mill-Bakery

Wichjie Mill-Bakery

200 years ago, Switzerland was covered with a tight net of water wheel powered facilities. There was one, or several mills at nearly every watercourse and in every village. One could also sometimes find facilities, that were driven by animals.
Since 1850, due to grain imports and the growing number of large-scale mills, the original number of 4000-5000 local mills dropped dramatically. Today, the number of still functional mills dwindled to just a few. Similarly, many sawmills, furnaces, and forges were abandoned. Many times, only the name of a building, or street, reminds of the original function.

The Blatten Bakery is still completely functional and is open for visitors. If you are interested in a tour, or baking day, please contact Blatten-Belalp Tourism at +41 (0) 27 921 60 40, or email tourismus@belalp.ch


Guided tour for max. 10 to 15 persons      CHF 50.-

Baking day (max. 10 Personen)                  CHF 6.- per person         




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