Alpaufzug and Stechfest

Alpaufzug and Stechfest

Alpine Transhumance with Herens Cow Fights (Alpaufzug and Stechfest) on 14.06.2014

In June, farmers drive their cattle up to the Belalp, where they will spend the summer. During the Herens cattle procession, a “Stechfest”, or cow sparring takes place. There, cows clash in first encounters and test their strength. The “queen of the alp”, however, can only be appointed at the end of season, because these trials for dominance last throughout the whole summer. In September, when the queen of the alp and other Herens cows are well-fed, they are driven back to the valley.


till 09:00 – driving up the cattle

10:00 – Mass with later blessing of the animals

10:45 – Apèro

11:00 – start of the fights

Open to visitors with music entertainment at the Chiematte, right next to the mountain station of the new gondola lift.

The gondola lift is open between 09:00 – 17:00.



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