Snow'n'Rail Blatten-Belalp

The most comfortable way to use public transport to get to your skiing holidays. You can get your ski pass for one, or for several days, along with the ticket for the train, or bus right at the train station you want to depart from. 


You will get:

  • a 20% discount on the return trip (train/PostBus) to Blatten/Naters  by public transport
  • a discounted 1-, 2- or 6-day ski pass for the whole Blatten-Bealp resort (the voucher can be redeemed at the valley station)
  • 15% discount at Intersport Rent
  • a free luggage return transport worth CHF 12.- (only with the 6 day ski pass)

How does it work?
You can buy the ticket and ski pass directly at your train station, or online. If you do not charge your KeyCard with the ski pass online, you can redeem your voucher at the ticket counter in Blatten.

If you don’t want to carry your luggage, you can send it earlier by train. For the way there, you can sort this out at the train station, too. In Blatten you can check in at the Belalp Bahnen ticket counter with the collection voucher and pick up your luggage. When you depart, you can also organize the return transport of your luggage at the Belalp Bahnen ticket counter. Please reserve enough time! It may happen, that you will need to queue at the counter. Here you will receive all the receipts, as well as your collection voucher, which you will need to pick up your luggage at your destination train station.


You can find more information about the SBB tariffs and offers at:

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